One-time registration fee for connecting to broadband access services ADSL - 0
FTTx - 30 000
GPON - 60 000
Connection cost may change or be canceled during the period of special temporary and seasonal marketing promotions, excluding the cost of consumables
Voluntary blocking (1 calendar month) 10 000 The minimum reservation period is 1 calendar month. Maximum reservation period - 2 months within a calendar year
Change of tariff plan Free  
Connection to IPTV service excluding the cost of subscriber equipment (STB set-top box, etc.)
- PC connection
- Connect to TV
Free (for existing subscribers)  
Connection to IPTV service (excluding the cost of subscriber equipment) without providing Internet access ADSL - 0
FTTx - 80 000
GPON - 80 000

When you connect to the Internet, service using FTTB / GPON technology or changing technology, up to 100 meters of cable is provided

*Is free

The company reserves the right
make changes to these conditions,
notifying the Subscribers in advance

Payment for each 1 meter of cable, provided when connecting to Internet services using FTTB / GPON technologies

FTTB - 3 900
GPON - 1 500 




Service name

Legal entities cost, sum


One-time registration fee when connecting static IP

100 000

- When connecting via the NetFlow protocol, one static IP-address from the mask a.b.c.d / 32 is provided without any registration and subscription fees.

- When connecting via BGP, a static IP address is provided without incurring registration and subscription fees.

- For connection via PPPoE protocol, only one static IP address from the mask a.b.c.d / 32 is provided, registration and subscription fees are charged in accordance with the established procedure, according to the current tariffs.

- Static IP-addresses are provided to subscribers as needed, depending on the types of services used, the protocol used for connection, equipment configuration and other factors.



Static IP, monthly


20 000


80 000


240 000


640 000


1 280 000



  • The scope of work included in the cost of one paid exit:
  • Diagnostics of technical problems in a room (apartment, house, office) from a telephone line to a computer / server.
  • Installation, connection and configuration of ADSL modem and splitter.
  • Configuring and saving PPPoE connection parameters on a modem or computer.
  • Basic diagnostics of settings and problems on the subscriber's computer.
  • Basic 15-minute consultation of a subscriber on the use of broadband Internet services (connection to the network, registering problems in the Call Center, entering a personal account, basic rules of network security, etc.)
  • Any other work not listed in paragraph 1. is not included in the cost of the call. If necessary, their cost and conditions are discussed separately between the subscriber and the specialist.
  • Diagnostic services do not include services for eliminating found physical or software faults on the subscriber's side, such as linear installation work for replacing cables in the room, installing various kinds of software, anti-virus prophylaxis, and so on. The conditions for performing these works are discussed separately, in accordance with paragraph 2.
  • An application for a visit of a specialist can be made through the Call Center 1084
  • The term for a specialist to visit the subscriber (or a fitter to eliminate the malfunction) is up to 3 working days.
  • Departure of the fitter for diagnostics and troubleshooting on the subscriber telephone line (from the main cabinet to the junction box near the building, house or apartment) is free of charge.