• Tariffs of UzMobile branch of Uzbektelecom JSC for information and service numbers of call Center of tstt branch of Uzbektelecom JSC for subscribers of Tashkent
1 1001 Weather 100 sum
2 1004, 004 Exact time 100 sum
3 1009, 109 Information "Call-center" Information on telephone numbers of organizations and population, addresses of organizations and much more
are also provided. For one call the subscriber is given two certificates.
500 sum
4 200 05 05 Recipes The "Recipes" service allows you to listen to culinary recipes by phone. To activate the service, the subscriber must call 200-05-05
and follow the prompts. Culinary recipe numbers can be found on the website www.09.tshtt.uz or by calling the information desk "109"
210 sum
5 200 01 00 Fairy Tale The "Fairy Tale" service allows you to order a fairy tale by phone for a child. To activate the service, you need to call 2000100
and enter the fairytale number. The numbers of fairy tales can be found on the website www.tshtt.uz.
210 sum
6 200 01 01 Congratulations The Congratulation service allows you to congratulate your family and friends on a significant date. To activate the service, you need
to call 2000101, select a congratulation and leave a voice message indicating the congratulated person's phone number, congratulation number,
date and time of the congratulation. You can also listen to the numbers and variants of congratulations by calling 200 0101. You must order a congratulation at least one day before activating the service.
780 sum


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