Tariff plan

Monthly subscription fee, sum Limit, MB

«VPN 500»

12 000


«VPN 1 500»

18 000

1 500

«VPN 3 000»

28 800

3 000

«VPN 5 000»

38 400

5 000

«VPN 8 000»

49 200

8 000

«VPN 12 000»

60 000

12 000

«VPN 20 000»

78 000

20 000

«VPN 30 000»

90 000

30 000


  • when using the VPN service without activating one of the VPN tariffs, the charge is made at 600 soums per 1 MB;
  • the service is valid for legal entities;
  • after connecting the additional VPN package service, the service is valid on a permanent basis until it is disabled;
  • when the VPN package service is connected, the service is charged and debited on the first day of the calendar month (monthly);
  • priority for charges for services is given to the main mobile service;
  • if at the time of debiting the subscriber's personal account there is an amount sufficient to activate the main mobile service, but not sufficient for activation
  • VPN package, the subscription fee will be charged according to the tariff plan (for mobile communication service) and the mobile number will be activated, but the VPN package service will be inactive;
  • traffic is assigned only after the service cost is debited from the subscriber's personal account;
  • if you change your mobile number or tariff plan, the terms of service do not change;
  • in order to purchase another VPN package, you must disable the previously activated VPN package, and if there is a remainder of traffic from the previous VPN package, it is combined with the traffic of the new VPN package and can be used during the current reporting period;
  • legal entities can activate / deactivate the VPN service in the sales and service offices of uzmobile and UZTELECOM;
  • the unused traffic limit (VPN) does not pass to the next month;
  • the subscription fee is charged on the 1st day of the calendar month with the active status of the subscriber;
  • if the amount of the subscriber's personal account is reduced to less than 1250 soums, the service is not provided until the subscriber's account is replenished;
  • at the end of the traffic included in the tariff plan, the pricing is set depending on the conditions of the tariff plan.
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