Service Notifications about traffic fines to get information about your traffic violations.

210,52 sum

Cost of 1 SMS about traffic violations

84,21 sum

Cost of 1 SMS about absence of traffic violations

  • Service management:
  • Send a free SMS message with the following information: "state car number, series and technical passport number» to the number 8860 (for Example: 01R999XY AAC5447770).
  • In response to the request, the subscriber will receive the same number of paid SMS messages as the number of unpaid violations for the period of sending the request.
  • If there are no violations, you will receive a paid SMS with the text: "U vas net narusheniy".
  • If the subscriber incorrectly entered the original data (state car number, series and technical passport number), a free SMS notification will be sent in response from the DYHXX number.
  • in Addition, subscribers can get information about traffic violations on the portal To do this, you need to log in to the portal. after clicking the "log In" button, a paid SMS will be sent with the text "Vash kod XXXXXX" from the number 8861
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