Voice mail – Stay in touch under any circumstances!

  • Convenient Voice mail service is now available for UZTELECOM mobile subscribers
  • Voice mail service - the ability to stay in touch under any conditions! With Voice mail, you will be able to receive and listen to voice messages left To you by UZTELECOM subscribers when you were unable to answer the call.
  • The service is triggered automatically if the called subscriber does not answer, is busy, is out of network coverage, or the subscriber's device is turned off. The service does not have a subscription fee. You can listen to a voice message for free by calling 6757. Also, if you want, you can record your own greeting by following the prompts of the answering machine. The cost of the message is 240 soums. The maximum available duration of a voice message is 60 seconds.
  • The maximum number of saved voice messages is 10 messages. If you receive 11 or more messages, they will be deleted starting from the 1st. The maximum storage time for all messages is 3 days.
  • The cost of an outgoing call for the caller after the sound signal is charged according to the tariff for outgoing calls.

How do I enable it?

Service activation code:

  • *111*1*24*1# (UZ)
  • *111*2*24*1# (RU)

To disable the service, type:

  • *111*1*24*2# (UZ)
  • *111*2*24*2# (RU)

Pay attention:

  • The service does not work in roaming.
  • The service is only available within the network.
  • The cost of the service for the caller (the sender of the voice message) is 240 soums per message. Receiving and listening to voice messages within the service is free of charge.
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