Now subscribers of UZTELECOM GSM network can connect daily Internet packages and use the required traffic volume all day!

Package Cost Traffic volume Validity period Activation via USSD
D100MB 3 000 sum 100 MB 24 hours from the moment of activation *121*2*3*1#
D300MB 6 000 sum 300 MB 24 hours from the moment of activation *121*2*3*2#
D600MB 9 000 sum 600 MB 24 hours from the moment of activation *121*2*3*3#
Check condition
Type USSD command *100*2#
  • Packages for all subscribers of individuals and legal entities (except for subscribers of TP M2M Basic), with the status "active".
  • Package validity period: 24 hours from the moment of activation. Territory of the Service - the Republic of Uzbekistan, UZTELECOM GSM network.
  • The packages are available in the GSM network for individuals and legal entities (including TP Constructor / Constructor for corporate).
  • More than one daily Internet package can be activated at the same time. Individuals can activate packages by USSD-request, in sales offices of UZTELECOM, Call-Center and through the "Personal Cabinet".
  • Legal entities order packages at UZTELECOM and Call-Center sales offices.
  • Extension of the current package is carried out by purchasing the next daily (daily) Internet package from this group.
  • When activating the next daily Internet package, megabytes are summed up. The validity period of the accumulated megabytes will be 24 hours from the date of purchase of the last package.
  • When activating packages from other groups, the package validity period will be set for each package separately. The order of traffic consumption - according to the activation order.
  • After the expiration of the Internet package, if there is no activation of the next Internet package from this group, the remaining megabytes are not saved.
  • At the end of the included traffic or the expiration of the package, the traffic is charged according to the valid packages.
  • When changing the number, tariff plan, the terms of service do not change.
  • Package connection is possible if there is sufficient balance to write off the package cost.
  • The service is valid on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan within the coverage area of ​​the UZTELECOM GSM network (2G / 3G / 4G).
  • Priority of Internet traffic spending: 1) Daily (daily) Internet packages; 2) Bonus Internet package (if available); 3) Free resources on the tariff plan (included Internet limit in the tariff plan); 4) Purchased Internet packages in the order of their activation.
  • The terms of the Service are valid on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, within the coverage area of ​​the UZTELECOM GSM network.
  • Status check:
  • - Sending by SMS 1002 to number 9999, * 100 * 2 # or * 107 #.