Package Subscription fee, per day Connection cost (one-time) Traffic volume Activation Deactivation Status
100 MB non stop 1 499 sum 1 499 sum 100 MB *121*2*6*1*1# *121*2*6*1*1# *121*2*6*4#
300 MB non stop 2 999 sum 2 999 sum 300 MB *121*2*6*2*1# *121*2*6*2*2# *121*2*6*4#
600 MB non stop 4 499 sum 4 499 sum 600 MB *121*2*6*3*1# *121*2*6*3*2# *121*2*6*4#
Check condition
Type USSD command *100*2#
  • Internet options are consumed when using the Internet service daily from 07:00 to 18:59. Outside this period, traffic is consumed within the tariff plan or Internet package (if available). If there is no traffic within the tariff plan or traffic by Internet packages, the used traffic is charged according to the cost of Internet traffic of the tariff plan.
  • Only one of the options can be connected at a time.
  • The cost of connection is charged at the time of connecting the service, the subscription fee is daily (without scaling) with a sufficient amount of funds on the balance. Traffic is assigned daily (no scaling).
  • If the number was blocked or there were not enough funds on the account, traffic is assigned only upon returning to an active state and upon making the appropriate payment and successfully charging the cost of the service.
  • Priority of Internet traffic spending: 1) Bonus packages; 2) Traffic within daily packages (from 07:00 to 18:59); 3) Daily Internet packages (daily packages for 24 hours); 4) Traffic within the tariff plan; 5) Internet packages for TAS-IX; 6) Free resources within the tariff plan; 7) Internet package within the Internet non-stop service; 8) The rest of the purchased Internet packages in the order of their activation.
  • When changing the number, tariff plan, the terms of service do not change.
  • When charging a subscription fee for the renewal of packages, the volume of unused traffic for previous periods is summed up with the newly provided volume, provided that there is enough money on the Subscriber's personal account to write off the payment for connected services. If the funds are not enough unused traffic volume burns out, from the moment the payment is made, a new traffic volume is provided according to the terms of the connected package.
  • In order to activate another Internet option within the "Day Internet Options" service, it is necessary to disable the previously activated option, while the remaining traffic remains until the next day.
  • After activating one of the Internet options, the option is valid on an ongoing basis until it is deactivated. Deactivation is free.
  • Priority of traffic spending: traffic within the options has the highest priority and is spent first.
  • Individuals can activate / deactivate options by USSD-request, in the offices of the Company, Call-center and through the "Personal Cabinet".
  • Traffic within a specific option is not the same type in relation to the traffic of Internet packages, respectively, when activating an Internet package, traffic is counted separately.
  • Quantity of tariffication in options 1KB.
  • Activation of the option is possible if there is sufficient balance to write off the package cost.
  • The Branch is informed about the launch of the service and its conditions by posting relevant information on the Internet on the official website and other means of communication.
  • The service is valid on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan within the coverage area of ​​the UzMobile GSM network (2G / 3G / 4G).
  • Service management:
  • For individuals, package activation is available through the Personal Cabinet, at the Branch offices, through the Call Center, as well as using the USSD menu * 121 #: * 121 # -> Tilni tanlash / Vybor yazika -> 3. Internet paketlar / Internet paketi -> 5. Har kunlik opciyalar (7:00 dan 19:00 gacha) / Ezhednevnie opcii (s 07:00 do 19:00).