Service "Internet non-stop" - allows you to connect Internet packages with automatic renewal every 30 days.

Package Cost Cost from 2 months Traffic volume Validity period Activation Deactivation Status
3 GB non-stop 18 000 sum 16 200 sum 3 GB every 30 days *111*2*14*1*1# *111*2*14*1*2# *111*2*14*1*3#
5 GB non-stop 25 000 sum 22 500 sum 5 GB every 30 days *111*2*14*2*1# *111*2*14*2*2# *111*2*14*2*3#
8 GB non-stop 41 000 sum 36 900 sum 8 GB every 30 days *111*2*14*3*1# *111*2*14*3*2# *111*2*14*3*3#
12 GB non-stop 50 000 sum 45 000 sum 12 GB every 30 days *111*2*14*4*1# *111*2*14*4*2# *111*2*14*4*3#
16 GB non-stop 60 000 sum 54 000 sum 16 GB every 30 days *111*2*14*9*1# *111*2*14*9*2# *111*2*14*9*3#
20 GB non-stop 65 000 sum 58 500 sum 20 GB every 30 days *111*2*14*5*1# *111*2*14*5*2# *111*2*14*5*3#
30 GB non-stop 75 000 sum 67 500 sum 30 GB every 30 days *111*2*14*6*1# *111*2*14*6*2# *111*2*14*6*3#
30 000 MB non-stop 75 000 sum 67 500 sum 30 000 MB every 30 days *111*2*14*6*1# *111*2*14*6*2# *111*2*14*6*3#
50 GB non-stop 85 000 sum 76 500 sum 50 GB every 30 days *111*2*14*7*1# *111*2*14*7*2# *111*2*14*7*3#
Check condition
Type USSD command *100*2#
  • The service is available for subscribers of individuals and legal entities (except for subscribers of TP M2M Basic)
  • When you connect any of the "Internet non-stop" packages, from the second month there is a 10% discount on the cost of the activated Internet package. The discount is valid for every 31st day after the activation of the service and with a sufficient amount of funds on the balance, and is valid until the package is deactivated.
  • You can connect only one of the options within the "Internet non-stop" packages at a time.
  • The cost of the service is charged on every 31st day after the activation of the service and if there is a sufficient amount of funds on the balance.
  • If the phone was blocked or there were not enough funds on the account, traffic is assigned only upon returning to an active state and upon making the appropriate payment and successfully charging the cost of the service.
  • When changing the number, tariff plan, the terms of service do not change.
  • When charging a subscription fee for renewing packages, the volume of unused traffic for the previous periods is summed up with the newly provided volume. Provided that the traffic is not consumed, but the subscription fee has not been charged (due to insufficient funds on the account), the unused traffic is reset to zero. When making a payment, the traffic volume and validity period are assigned in accordance with the package.
  • In order to activate another Internet package within the Internet non-stop service, it is necessary to disable the previously activated Internet package within the Internet non-stop packages, while the remaining traffic remains until its validity period.
  • After activating one of the Internet packages within the Internet non-stop packages, the package is valid on an ongoing basis until it is deactivated.
  • Priority of traffic spending:
  • Bonus internet packages (if any);
  • Group of packages "Daily Internet packages";
  • Group of Internet packages for TAS-IX;
  • Free resources (limits) within the tariff plan;
  • Group of Internet packages "Internet non-stop";
  • Group of other purchased Internet packages.
  • Individuals can activate / deactivate packages by USSD-request, SMS, at the company's offices, Call-center and through the "Personal Cabinet".
  • Legal entities order the service in the offices of "UzMobile".
  • The service is valid on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan within the coverage area of ​​the Uzmobile GSM (2G / 3G / 4G) network, with the subscriber status "active".