Be always in touch - use the EXTRA balance service.

  • If your balance is approaching zero and it is not possible to replenish it, the "EXTRA balance" service will help instantly replenish the balance in the amount of 1,000 sum or more.
  • You can use the service via SMS-request for short number 150 or USSD-menu, available by short number *150#
Possible replenishment amounts, sum Service fee, sum Return Amount, sum

1 000



3 000



5 000



10 000



20 000



40 000




  • The Service is not available to Subscribers in blocking status or to Roaming Subscribers.
  • It is allowed to take an additional "EXTRA balance" without covering the amount of the original issued, but not exceeding the established advance limit.
Online activity period, days Monthly top-ups for the last 90 days, sum Advance limit, sum
from 90 days 10,000 or more 1,000 to 40,000
less than 90 days Not provided
  • The minimum amount available is 1,000 sum. The maximum advance limit for each Subscriber may be different. The service takes into account expenses that have been incurred in the last 3 months. The size of the maximum advance limit can be automatically changed both in the larger and lower directions - this depends on the change in the Subscriber's profile within the framework of this service (the duration of service in the network, costs of communication services, activity in the use of services, as well as the number and period of locks are taken into account).
  • The "EXTRA Balance" shall be issued indefinitely, and the repayment of the principal and service fee shall be made automatically upon the first replenishment of the balance by the Subscriber to the maximum available amount for full repayment.
  • Repayment of the advance amount within the framework of the "EXTRA balance sheet" is possible both in whole and in parts. Payments become covered in order of priority of obtaining the sum, from old to new.
  • The default service language is Russian. Subscribers can change their language to Uzbek or English in the USSD menu or send the appropriate command via SMS.
  • If the Subscriber has blocked the service, the Subscriber will not receive an offer to replenish the balance via SMS, as well as in case of an independent request by USSD/SMS to receive the service, a refusal will be issued until the "EXTRA balance" ban is turned off.

Commands for SMS request:

LIST, L List of available amounts
40 000 Keyword for advance request 40 000 sum
20 000 Keyword for 20 000 sum advance request
10 000 Keyword for 10 000 sum advance request
5 000 Keyword for advance request 5 000 sum
3 000 Keyword for advance request 3 000 sum
1 000 Keyword for advance request 1 000 sum


HISTORY, H Request to check the history of past transactions
CREDIT, C, CRD Request to check the current outstanding advance
STATUS, S Request to check the current compliance status
INFO Request to learn more about the service
HELP List of service request commands
EN Request to change language to English
RU Request to change the language to Russian
UZ Request to change the language to Uzbek



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