Renegotiation of contract * 8400 sum
Replace Phone Number 8400 sum
Call Detail (for each month) * * 8400 sum
Fee for saving a number*** 126 sum for a day
Change of tariff plan * * * * * 4200 sum
SIM card replacement 8400 sum


Reissue of the contract from an individual to an individual:

  • When the contract is reissued for a close relative (mother, father, husband, wife, son, daughter). In this case, the subscriber must submit a document confirming the relationship (birth or marriage certificate).
  • At the death of the owner, the contract is issued to a close relative (mother, father, husband, wife, son, daughter) upon presentation of a death certificate.

Renewal of the contract from an individual to a legal entity:

  • Subscribers individuals have the opportunity to re-register their services to the organization at the place of work. In this case, the Subscriber must present a certificate of employment, as well as a corresponding letter from the employer's organization.
  • When presenting the relevant documents stating that the Subscriber is the founder or head of the organization, the Subscriber must take into account that when re-registering from a legal entity to an individual (i.e. back to himself), the fee for the number of the paid category will be collected in full (except in cases of liquidation of the legal entity).

Reissue of a contract from a legal entity to an individual:

  • in case of liquidation or reorganization of an enterprise, upon provision of supporting documents;
  • In other cases, the renewal of the agreement with one legal entity to a natural person, the Subscriber pays 10% of the room rate paid categories (this does not apply to numbers received discounts on various programs), with further "re-contract" with the number of paid category, the Subscriber pays the full cost.

The renewal of the agreement with legal person in a legal entity:

  • In case of liquidation or reorganization of the company, providing supporting documents;
  • In all other cases, when the contract is reissued from one legal entity to another, the Subscriber pays 10% of the cost of the paid category number (this condition does not apply to numbers received with discounts on various programs).
  • The service Is available for subscribers with whom contracts were terminated unilaterally (according to the "Public offer") after 60 days after the temporary shutdown.
  • The service is available to subscribers upon repayment of arrears on all personal accounts (for all subscriber numbers registered to this subscriber, including all terminated numbers).
  • If an individual subscriber has not made all 11 payment cycles for the "room rental" service, then when the contract is restored, the subscriber pays the remaining amount for the paid category number once, with the deduction of the funds already paid for the "room rental" service (*responsibility for the correct connection of subscribers to the "room rental" service is assigned to the head of the service for working with individuals of the UzMobile branch).
  • The period during which the subscriber can restore the contract: within 60 days from the date of termination of the contract for paid numbers.
  • The service is provided to the subscriber if the specified mobile number is listed in the database as "free" and was registered for this subscriber before the contract was terminated.
  • The service is provided only in the sales and service offices of UZMOBILE. To restore the contract, the subscriber must be present in person with a document proving their identity (passport), as well as making payments: the cost of the service and prepayment.
  • Legal entities can restore the contract by means of an official letter on the company's letterhead and with the organization's seal.
  • The service is available to all subscribers and clients (individuals and legal entities) for all categories of numbers.
  • The service is provided free of charge.

  • * In case of re-registration of a paid number, the new subscriber pays 100% of the cost of the paid number.
  • ** Call detail records are only available for the last 3 months.
  • *** If necessary, the subscriber can activate the option to save the number by submitting an application to the sales office of Uzbektelecom or through a personal account. From the moment the option is activated, a fee is charged for saving the number according to the above rate. The number is retained by the subscriber until the funds on the account are fully spent.
  • ***** You can change the tariff plan once a day. If the cost of changing the tariff plan is specified in the terms and conditions for the tariff plan, the payment is charged in accordance with these terms and conditions.
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