29 900 sum

Subscription fee monthly

  • 200 minutes

    Included limit within Uzbekistan

  • 500 minutes

    Within tariff plan limit included

  • 40 sum per minute

    Outgoing calls around Uzbekistan over limit

  • 40 sum per minute

    Outgoing calls within tariff plan over limit

  • 5000 MB

    Internet traffic limit included

  • 40 sum per MB

    Internet traffic over limit price

  • 500 SMS

    SMS limit included

  • 84 sum per SMS

    SMS over limit price

  • Tariff plan "MAKTAB" (hereinafter referred to as TP) is intended exclusively for schoolchildren, registration of services is carried out for one of the parents upon presentation of the child's birth certificate.
  • Connection to TP, as well as transfer from other TPs is possible only at the UZTELECOM sales and service office, subject to the presentation of the relevant documents. Connection of this TP through dealer service points is closed.
  • A group of special Internet packages TA'LIM is available for connection on this TP.
  • Subscribers on this TP are provided with free access to Internet resources according to the approved list.
  • The cost of switching to TP "MAKTAB" from tariff plans:
  • “Aloqachi”, “Bolajon”, “C1”, “C2”, “C3”, “C4”, “Constructor”, “Ezoz”, “Salom”, “Step”, “Traffic”, “Yoshlar”, “Just 10 "- 0 soums;
  • "Flash", "Flash Upgrade", "Komfort", "Onlime", "Royal", "Salom Plus", "Street", "Street Upgrade", "Ta'lim", "Ta'lim", "Uzmobile 1200", Uzmobile 4000, Uzmobile VIP - 4,200 soums;
  • “Business” - 10,000 soums;
  • Tariff plans to which the transition from TP "MAKTAB" is available:
  • "Flash", "Flash Upgrade", "Onlime", "Royal", "Street", "Street Upgrade", "Ta'lim" - 0 soums
  • “Aloqachi”, “Bolajon”, “C1”, “C2”, “C3”, “C4” - 4,200 soums;
  • “Just 10”, “Business” - 10,000 soums;
  • For one subscriber (individual), it is possible to connect no more than five numbers to the TP.
  • At the end of the next academic year, the Company reserves the right to block subscribers connected to this TP to confirm the documents specified in clause 1. In this case, subscribers can switch to any other TP available for connection or contact the UZTELECOM sales and service office to confirm documents.
  • When the ZiyoNET service is activated on this TP, the subscriber's office for the service is provided at a reduced cost by 50%.
  • Within the framework of this TP, the beginning of the calculation of the subscription fee (hereinafter AP) is carried out with an accuracy of a second according to the calculated AP period for each Subscriber individually, and not according to a single schedule. The time of writing off the AP within the TP is not fixed and depends on the time of providing access to services.
  • The estimated period of the subscription fee is 1 (one) month without reference to the first day of the calendar month, which is calculated from the date when the Subscriber was provided with access to the services. The settlement date is the starting point for calculating the AP for the settlement period of the Subscriber. For example, if the Subscriber has connected to the tariff plan on the 10th, then the next monthly AP is debited on the 10th day of the next month, provided that the Subscriber's personal account has sufficient funds for AP through TP. If the Subscriber has connected on August 31, then the next attempt to remove the AP will be initiated on September 30.
  • On the day of AP accrual (settlement date), the size of the balance on the personal account of the Subscriber must be at least the size of the AP for TP.
  • Limits are provided upon successful write-off of AP on TP and are available until the end of the current billing period, unspent limits on TP will not be transferred to the next billing period
  • The date of write-off of monthly AP according to TP data is the date of the last successful write-off of AP by TP. If on the day of debiting the next AP there are not enough funds on the personal account, then the subscriber number is blocked until the account is replenished. Access to services is resumed from the moment the account is replenished to a size greater or equal to the cost of the current TP. Immediately after the successful write-off of the AP under the TP for the subsequent billing period (after the transition to the active status), the Subscriber is provided with service limits in accordance with the terms of the TP.
  • Service and AP limits are not scalable.
  • For example: If the Subscriber connected to the UzMobile network on January 30, then an attempt to subsequently write off the AP will occur on February 28 or 29 (depending on the calendar year), and if at the end of the billing period the Subscriber does not have enough funds to write off the AP, then the subscriber number is blocked. If the Subscriber replenishes the balance after 5 or 10 days, the AP is written off from the subscriber account in full, and all service limits within the TP are provided in full for a period of one month until the next AP is debited, the date of writing off the monthly AP is shifted to the date of the last successful write-off of AP.
  • If at the time of charging the monthly subscription fee the subscriber number is in a blocked status, the monthly subscription fee is not debited, service limits are not provided. When replenishing the balance of a personal account to a size greater or equal to the size of the AP for the current TP, the subscriber number goes into active status, the monthly subscription fee is debited, while the monthly subscription fee debited after the subscriber number leaves the blocked status shifts the date of the subsequent write-off of the monthly subscription tariff plan fees.
  • All calls are charged from the first second of the call and are rounded up to a full minute.
  • Services provided by content providers, such as voice infotainment and SMS services, are charged at a separate cost.
  • SMS limit is spent only when sending outgoing SMS-messages to Subscribers of cellular operators of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
  • Outgoing international calls / SMS are charged according to the current tariffs.
  • When changing the tariff plan (from TP "Street", "OnLime", "Flash", "TA'LIM" or "MAKTAB"), the remainder of the limit remains until the validity period of the previous TP. Bonuses for payments (if any), traffic min / SMS / MB for purchased packages are saved until the validity period in accordance with the package.
  • When changing the current tariff plan to tariffs "Street", "OnLime", "Flash", "Royal", "TA'LIM", "MAKTAB" (if the services "For Family" and "prohibition of transfer of own number" are connected) services do not change.
  • When changing the current TP to tariffs "Street", "OnLime", "Flash", "Royal", "TA'LIM", "MAKTAB" if the service "number rent" is activated, the period of charging for the service will be aligned with the period of charging the subscription fee for new tariff plan from the next cycle.
  • Calls within Uzbekistan include numbers registered in the networks of all operators of mobile and fixed telephone communication of the Republic of Uzbekistan, including the UzMobile network of GSM, CDMA-450 standards and the fixed telephone network of Uzbektelecom JSC.
  • On the TP, the services "Restart", "Profitable exchange" and "Help out" are available for use.
  • Calls within the network include numbers of the UzMobile network of GSM, CDMA-450 standards, as well as numbers of the fixed telephone network of Uzbektelecom JSC.
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