How to connect?

You should contact any sales office convenient for you.

Choose a tariff plan suitable for you, a phone number and conclude a contract on the terms of a public offer. After signing, you must make a minimum prepayment according to the invoice statement (announcement) for prepayment.

When connecting additional paid services, you must pay an additional fee according to the company's tariffs. Connection of more than three numbers per contract for individuals is not allowed

Required documents: Passport

  • Network connection * - Free
  • The minimum prepayment for a new connection is 3,000 sum
  • In some tariff plans, the cost of connecting to the network applies. *

The cost of the SIM-card is included in the starting subscription fee upon connection.

Terms of suspension of services: with a balance of 1250 sum and below, "UzMobile" has the right to suspend the provision of services. At the same time, incoming calls will be available.