09 November 2020

Favorable rates and convenient functionality: UZTELECOM presents a cloud-based video conferencing platform UZCLOUD.UZ

During the coronavirus pandemic, various video conferencing platforms for distance education, remote work of employees, and even entire offices have become popular all over the world. To optimize the costs of organizing online work and study, UZTELECOM offers a convenient and multifunctional video conferencing platform based on a data center. Another important factor is that the service is deployed locally in the local networks "Uz-IX" and "TAS-IX", which has a positive effect on the quality of services.

Functionality of UZCLOUD video conferencing services.UZ is very diverse and allows customers to easily organize an Online lesson, an Online office, and an Online conference.

That's not ALL! The company offers users convenient and profitable tariff plans:

Tarif rejaning nomi

Ishtirokchilar soni

Tashkilotchilar (litsenziyalar)

30 kun uchun to‘lov, so‘m




125 000




130 000




150 000




150 000




1 750 000


For each tariff plan, the duration of the conference is unlimited and space is provided in the 5GB cloud data storage.
At the same time:

  • The conference organizer has all rights to manage the video conference.
  • Participants can communicate on an equal basis, display their desktop, and use any functions allowed by the conference organizer.
  • The video of the presenter is broadcast to all participants of the conference on the layout.
  • Disk space is provided for files and recording conferences.
  • In all tariff plans, if the conference recording volume exceeds the allowed volume under the tariff plan, the conference recording will be available for download within 24 hours. After 24 hours, the record will be deleted.

Participate in the "Convenient video conferencing" promotion and test our services-for FREE, for 30 DAYS!

In order for potential customers to test the capabilities and quality of video conferencing platforms, UZTELECOM is holding a special promotion "Convenient video conferencing" until November 30, 2020.

As part of the promotion, you can use special promotional tariff plans: "ONLINE LESSON for FREE" and "ONLINE OFFICE for FREE".

Services on promotional tariff plans are provided on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan to all individuals who have registered on the page UZCLOUD.UZ.

The promotional rate "ONLINE LESSON for FREE" provides an opportunity to hold a video conference WITH up to 40 students for free for 30 days. However, the duration of the conference is unlimited and space is provided in the cloud data storage of 1 GB.

A promotional tariff plan "ONLINE OFFICE for FREE" has been introduced for businesses, which provides an opportunity to hold video conferences with up to 4 employees for free for 30 days. However, the duration of the conference is unlimited and space is provided in the 1 GB cloud storage.

It is no secret that today many users from Uzbekistan use foreign video conferencing platforms, which does not always give the opportunity to get high quality and rich functionality of the service. In addition, users often face certain difficulties when paying for services in foreign currency if they purchase paid subscriptions to the service.

Video conferencing platform based on the company's cloud data center and dedicated website UZCLOUD.UZ which resources are located in local, local networks "UZ-IX "and" TAS-IX", allows you to save money, getting full functionality and quality of the service provided. In addition, you can pay for the service in one click through the payment systems of Uzbekistan, which makes the service available to all users.

No registration for participants... and many useful features and options. Hold video meetings with a single tap. Profitable, safe, functional!

Details on the website UZCLOUD.UZ

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