19 June 2021

UZTELECOM was awarded the Tier III Certification of Design Documents

Uptime Institute Professional Services announced the Tier Certification of Design Documents for the JSC “Uzbektelecom” - UZTELECOM DC2 as fulfilling Tier lll Concurrently Maintainable criteria.

The creation of a modern telecommunications infrastructure is one of the most important factors in the development of the digital economy of Uzbekistan. Among the primary tasks for the further development of the digital economy is the increase in hardware and server capacity for processing and storing information.

In May 2021, the Uptime Institute certified the design documentation of the UZTELECOM cloud data center with an international Tier III classification certificate. This Certification recognizes the JSC “Uzbektelecom” - UZTELECOM DC2 design as supporting any planned work on the site infrastructure without disrupting operations, as limited by the stated lT capacity of 367 kilowatts (kW) in the DC2 data hall.

This means that the level of reliability of the UZTELECOM cloud data center corresponds to the international Tier III system according to the Uptime Institute classification, that is, the data center infrastructure is redundant according to the "N + 1" formula, while the fault tolerance factor is 99.982%. The data center has the redundancy of all engineering subsystems and allows carrying out maintenance and repair work without interrupting the data center's work.

UZTELECOM has modernized and increased the capacity of the cloud data center several times and today offers its customers the most modern cloud services.

The data center has the highest level of protection and fault tolerance:

  • Information security system;
  • Industrial air conditioning system;
  • Uninterruptible power supplies;
  • Power distribution system;
  • Lighting and video surveillance system;
  • Fire extinguishing system;
  • Clock / synchronization system.
  • Infrastructure Management System (NOC);

In the current updated configuration, the data center capacities include: more than 36 telecommunication cabinets, 200 blade servers, a storage system of more than 6.2 PB, a data transmission system of 100 Gbps, redundant power supplies (diesel generators), as well as 2 independent bushings with transformer substations.

At the same time, 70 telecommunication cabinets, 194 blade servers, 5 PB storage systems, and additional diesel generators are planned to be installed this year in the framework of the project "Creation of the data storage and processing center of JSC “Uzbektelecom”" to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

Cloud data center UZTELECOM today provides customers with services VDC-Virtual Data Center, VDI-Virtual Desktop, video conferencing - Video conferencing, Colocation, Web hosting, Cloud video surveillance and other types of cloud services and services.

Note that the UZTELECOM cloud data center is currently the only data storage and processing center in Uzbekistan that has an international Tier III certificate according to the Uptime Institute classification.

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