29 August 2020

"Unlimited summer" will continue in the fall!

Summer has passed. But autumn in Uzbekistan is a great time when hot days are left behind, but, however, when it is still warm, and fruits and vegetables delight the eyes with their abundance. In order for autumn to continue to warm us like in summer, UZTELECOM for its home Internet subscribers EXTENSES a special "summer" campaign for a new promotional tariff plan "UNLIM Summer" until November 30, 2020.

Let us remind you that the campaign for connecting a new super advantageous promotional tariff "UNLIM Summer" started on June 15th. For the first time in Uzbekistan, a home phone was provided as a bonus in a set with the Internet. Also, the connection speed on this tariff plan is such that users began to squeeze the maximum megabits out of their routers, and pay the minimum - only 99,000 sums!

The promotional tariff is still available for new connections, as well as the transition of subscribers from “archived” tariff plans during the period of the special promotion from June 15 to November 30, 2020.

After 3 billing periods, subscribers from the promotional tariff plan "UNLIM Summer" by default will be transferred to tariff plans UNLIM-10 Premium, UNLIM-10, UNLIM-7, depending on the connection technology. But also, subscribers can switch from the UNLIM Summer tariff plan to any available tariff plan before the expiration of the promotional period.

Forecasters say autumn 2020 will be wonderful. The UZTELECOM team adds that autumn 2020 for our subscribers will also be high-speed, unlimited, with included minutes to the home phone! Summer is extended into autumn!

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