The "SMS-packages" service allows subscribers to send SMS messages to Uzbekistan at favorable prices.

Package Cost Validity period Number of SMS Activation via USSD
MS 10 SMS 420 sum 30 days 10 *111*2*1*1#
MS 50 SMS 1 680 sum 30 days 50 *111*2*1*2#
MS 200 SMS 5 200 sum 30 days 200 *111*2*1*3#
MS 500 SMS 9 500 sum 30 days 500 *111*2*1*4#
  • The service is available for GSM subscribers, legal entities.
  • SMS packets are designed to send outgoing SMS messages in Uzbekistan (to the numbers of mobile subscribers).
  • Packages expire 30 days after activation
  • When buying a subsequent package of the same type for SMS, traffic is summarized, and the validity period is set to the last package purchased
  • When you change the tariff plan or change the number, the rest of the traffic for the purchased packages is saved
  • Packets are valid when subscribers are in the UZMOBILE coverage area.