Conference call * 0
Call waiting 0
Call diversion ** 0
Definition of number 0
Prohibiting the transmission of your own number 8 400 per month
SMS balance 0
Hidden call***, per minute 210
  • * Calls are paid for each connection according to the selected tariff plan. At the same time, up to 5 calls can be connected as part of the Conference service.
  • * * The cost of one minute of the forwarded call is equal to one minute of the outgoing call to the forwarded number according to the selected tariff plan.
  • * * * The service allows you to make calls without determining the number. To make a call using the service, you must dial the number in the format # 998xxxxxxxxx. When calling using the Hidden Call service, the limit of preferential minutes is not spent.
SMS and USSD commands Mobile assistant
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