The service allows corporate subscribers to pay for unlimited service consumption independently (from their personal HP).

  • The service is available for corporate subscribers.
  • As part of the service, rules are set up for payment relationships between a group member, a corporate HP, and an individual HP. The operator is granted access to set a limit for the corporate subscriber in the sum of RUz for monthly use.
  • Upon activation of the service/limit, the terms of use of free resources do not change. After the full use of available resources, charges for services used within the established monthly limit are charged to the corporate HP. The corporate HP account includes all charges that were made from the corporate HP, including the corporate discount (if any). The corporate account does not include charges made from the individual HP of the subscriber.
  • The following services can be paid separately from the corporate HP: Voice communication, GPRS, SMS, international roaming, one-time and periodic charges.
  • You can set a monthly payment limit between a group member and a corporate PS. After exceeding the limit for the corresponding service, it begins to be paid with individual HP.
  • By default, all services of corporate subscribers are paid with corporate HP.
  • The "Mobile Budget" service is installed in the offices of "UzMobile", upon written request of the corporate client.
  • Upon a written request from a corporate subscriber about the intention to use their individual HP and conclude a contract with UzMobile, the client's personal information (Full Name, passport information, address) is filled in by the operator. When you activate the Mobile budget service, an Agreement is drawn up.
  • The subscriber using individual HP, the service "the Mobile Budget" also has the ability to change the SIM card, to reissue the individual L. S., change of MSISDN, change customer information, to lock and unlock rooms, at the same time, carry out these operations is provided at the discretion of the operator.
  • If the subscriber uses his individual HP within the "Mobile Budget" service and intends to leave the corporate group, the subscriber has the opportunity to use the communication services using the individual HP, according to the contract for individuals.persons who were previously imprisoned.
  • As part of the service, you can activate additional services and package offers. When the client tries to activate any additional service, charges with the highest priority go from the corporate HP. if the limit is exceeded from the corporate HP, charges for connecting additional services or package offers, their cost is charged to the individual HP of the subscriber.
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