The "International SMS Packages" service allows subscribers to send international SMS messages at favorable prices.

Package Cost Number of SMS Validity period Status
MS 10 MN SMS 5050 sum 10 30 days *111*2*2*1#
MS 20 MN SMS 9260 sum 20 30 days *111*2*2*2#
MS 30 MN SMS 12630 sum 30 30 days *111*2*2*3#
MS 40 MN SMS 15150 sum 40 30 days *111*2*2*4#
MS 50 MN SMS 16840 sum 50 30 days *111*2*2*5#
  • The packages are available for subscribers of legal entities (except for subscribers of TP “M2M Basic”).
  • The packages are intended for sending outgoing international messages SMS messages (to the subscribers' numbers of foreign mobile operators with whom the service for exchanging international messages SMS messages has been launched).
  • The packages are valid for 30 days from the date of activation.
  • When purchasing a subsequent package for МН SMS from this group, the traffic is summed up, and the validity period of the last purchased package is set. If the validity period of the previous package is later than the validity period of the last purchased package, then the later period is set.
  • When you change the tariff plan, change the number or renew the contract, the rest of the traffic for the purchased packages is saved.
  • Packages are valid when subscribers are within the coverage area of ​​the Uzmobile GSM network.