Mobile Internet

Internet service Subscriber fee, sum Enabled traffic volume, MB Price for 1MB over limit
Internet 150 10 500 150 210
Internet 350 14 700 350 210
Internet 700 23 000 700 210
Internet 1400 31 500 1400 210
Internet 2600 39 900 2600 210
Internet 3800 61 000 3800 210
Internet 5000 73 500 5000 125
Internet 6500 84 000 6500 125
Internet 13000 168 000 13000 125
  • Internet tariffs are provided to subscribers-individuals and legal entities using fixed and mobile terminals, as well as EV-DO modems.
  • The subscriber fee is charged on the 1st day of the calendar month when the subscriber status is active.
  • Internet traffic consumption is accounted for in and out traffic.
  • The minimum prepaid amount for users in the 1-Х network is 1,250 sum, and for users in the EV-DO network is 21,000 sum.

Unused traffic does not move to the next month.

VPN 10 42 000 300 МB 200
VPN 20 84 000 600 МB 200
VPN 30 126 000 900 МB 200
  • The subscription fee is charged on the 1st day of the calendar month with the active status of the subscriber.
  • If the amount of the subscriber's personal account is less than 1250 soums, the service is not provided until the account is replenished by the subscriber.
  • Unused data transfer (VPN) limit does not roll over to the next month.
  • This service allows companies that have several offices, branches, points of sale, and who want to combine all this into a single information space, create their own local network. INTRANET is a private network that ensures the integrity and security of transmitted data. The service is relevant if you need to connect consumers throughout the country and you need to organize "closed" channels separated from public networks.
  • At the end of the traffic included in the tariff plan or upon the expiration of the package validity period, on all tariff plans, tariffication is set depending on the conditions of the tariff plan.
  • The INTRANET service in Uzbekistan is provided by the UzMobile network and operates only within the network.
  • Benefits for users of the INTRANET service:
  • mobile virtual private network;
  • organization of virtual data transmission channels based on a network of high-speed and mobile data transmission;
  • high level of information protection;
  • organization of data transmission in places far from the developed telecommunication infrastructure, when the laying of the cable is economically unprofitable;
  • the convenience of connecting new networks or users.
  • When using the VPN service without activating one of the VPN tariffs, the accrual is carried out at 600 UZS per 1 MB.
  • To connect and further use the INTRANET service, you need to contact the subscriber department of the "UzMobile" company.
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