This service allows you to select one or more "hot" numbers for voting or polling.

To launch the service, you must first publish the voting conditions or the content of the question, as well as the terms of receiving calls, via television, radio, press or the Internet. Then, a specific phone number or numbers are assigned a specific answer to the question. After that, the number of incoming calls is registered, and it is possible to track and block repeated calls to get more reliable data.

Voting results are displayed in graphical and tabular form in real time. The service can be used for various contests, TV quiz shows, or public opinion polls. The contract can be concluded for any period-from several days to several months.

The TV voting service allows you to determine exactly which of the answers to the question you have formulated is preferable for subscribers. This way, you can implement additional marketing campaigns and research. At the same time, you do not need to attract additional staff to receive and process incoming calls


Granting the right to use one smart number (one-time payment) 32 635 sum 39 990 sum
Recording a single voice file (one-time payment) 50 000 sum 50 000 sum
Subscription fee for using one smart number, per month 18 360 sum 18 360 sum
Subscription fee for using one smart number, per day 620 sum 620 sum