Additional types of PBX services with software management

that are not funded
from the budget
that are funded
from the budget
Abbreviated dialing 1400 sum 1040 sum
Forwarding incoming calls 2530 sum 1970 sum
Notification of a new call 3640 sum 2250sum
Calling a subscriber on request (Wake-up call, reminder) 1400 sum 1040 sum
Conference call 3640 sum 1430 sum
Long-distance communication by password 860 sum 520 sum
The presentation of the calling number for telephone sets with caller ID 2080 sum 1820 sum
Tripartite conference 3640 sum 1439 sum
Other additional services in more detail
Connection without dialing 2250 sum 1900 sum
Temporary blocking of incoming communication 1560 sum 1300 sum
Temporary blocking of incoming and outgoing communication 1400 sum 1040 sum
Transfer of incoming calls to an autoinformator or an assignment Bureau 2250 sum 1900 sum
A repeated call without dialing 2250 sum 1900 sum
Identification of the caller's phone number at the request of the subscriber 2080 sum 1820 sum
Transfer an incoming call to the Secretary or to another device if the called party is busy 2250 sum 1900 sum
Help during a conversation 2440 sum 1900 sum
Auto-dial (within one PBX) 2250 sum 1900 sum
Forwarding incoming calls within the PBX when organizing a serial search, regardless
of the number of numbers included in the series
1560 sum 1210 sum
Distinctive call 340 sum 260 sum
Personal control signal for sending a call 3460 sum 1730 sum
Simultaneous call 1400 sum 1140 sum
Disallow outgoing communication on a conditional list 1400 sum 1040 sum
Disallow incoming communication on a conditional list 1400 sum 1040 sum
Setting incoming calls to a queue (remote Secretary) 1400 sum 1040 sum
Calling a number at a pre-set time 1400 sum 1040 sum
Blocking access to an incoming anonymous call 1400 sum 1040 sum
Call interception 1810 sum 1410 sum
Group call interception 1810 sum 1410 sum
Voice mail 2050 sum 2050 sum
Call hold 3640 sum 2250 sum
The prohibition of the identification of the caller (the service "caller ID") 5150 sum 5150 sum
Call on a group 1810 sum 1410 sum
Hooter with ads 2050 sum 2050 sum
Beep with an ad on hold 2050 sum 2050 sum
Centrix 1810 sum 1410 sum
    Package of 2-3 services  at rates with a 20% reduction  
    Package of 4-5 services at rates with a 30% reduction  
    Package of 6-10 services at rates with a 40% reduction  
    Package of more than 10 services at a 50% discount rate  
  • The service package is formed by the subscriber independently (if there is a technical possibility and compatibility of services)
  • The cost of the DVO service package is set depending on the number and cost of the services selected by the subscriber using a reduction coefficient.
  • Services Feb are subject to availability and technical capabilities of the PBX and the user terminal equipment, to ensure their support.