Package Cost Traffic volume SMS alert threshold Validity period
TAS-IX 2 048 15 000 sum 2 048 MB 50 MB 90 days
TAS-IX 10 240 40 000 sum 10 240 MB 100 MB 90 days
TAS-IX 15 360 50 000 sum 15 360 MB 100 MB 90 days
Check condition
Type USSD command *100*2#
  • Packets are valid for all subscribers of individuals and legal entities (with the exception of TP M2M Basic subscribers), with the status of the subscriber "active."
  • The duration of the packages is 90 days from activation.
  • Internet packets are available to exchange (transfer/receive) data in resources included in the TAS-IX zone.
  • More than one Internet package can be activated at a time.
  • TAS-IX packets cannot be deactivated.
  • Renewal of the current package is carried out by purchasing the following Internet package for TASIX.
  • If you activate a subsequent Internet package for TASIX, the megabytes are summarized. The cumulative megabytes will expire 90 days from the date of purchase of the last package.
  • When activating other packages (one-time Internet packages, Internet packages with auto-renewal), the validity of the packages will be set for each package separately. Traffic consumption procedure - according to the activation procedure.
  • When the Internet package expires, if the next Internet package of the same type is not activated, the remaining megabytes are not saved.
  • When the enabled traffic ends or the packet expires, the traffic is charged according to the valid packets.
  • When changing the tariff plan number, the conditions for providing the service do not change.
  • You can connect a package with sufficient balance to write off the cost of the package.
  • The service is valid in the territory of the RU in the Uzmobile GSM network area (2G/3G/4G).
  • Internet Traffic Consumption Priority:

1) group of packages "Daily Internet packets";
2) Internet bonus packages (if any);
3) a group of packets "Internet packets for TAS-IX";
4) Free resources on the tariff plan (included Internet limit in the tariff plan);
5) other purchased Internet packages in the order of their activation.

  • The terms and conditions of the Service are valid in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in the coverage area of the UzMobile GSM network.
  • Service Management: activation of packages is available through the Personal Office, in the offices of UzMobile,
  • through the Call Center, as well as using the USSD menu * 121 #: * 121 # - > Tilni tanlash/Vybor yazika - > 3. TAS-IX ->.
  • Check status-Send via SMS 1002 to number 9999, * 100 * 2 # or * 107 #.