Quick translation of megabytes

500 sum

For each successful transfer

  • Activate service

    SMS with content < recipient number 99XXXXXX > space < volume in MB > to number 122

  • The service is available for Subscribers - individuals.
  • Service implies transfer of Internet traffic of one Subscriber (individual person) to another Subscriber (individual person).
  • The service is valid for Subscribers serving on tariff plans: Salom, Salom Plus, Step, Traffic, Komfort, Uzmobile 1200, Uzmobile 4000, Constructor, Uzmobile VIP, Yoshlar, Prosto 10, Delovoy, Street, Flash
  • The cost of one successful transfer is 500 sums (the cost of the service is paid by the initiator of the traffic transfer).
  • The cost of outgoing SMS to the number 122 is 0 sums.
  • The translated Internet traffic is valid for 7 days.
  • You can transfer Internet traffic from the following purchased Internet packages:
  • 30-day Internet packages;
  • 30-day Internet packages with auto-renewal (Internet packages as part of the Internet non-stop service).
  • Internet traffic translated as part of the Internet Traffic Translation service is also subject to translation.
  • Internet traffic within data plans, and other Internet resources (TAS-IX, bonus, daily, daily non stop Internet packages and Internet packages within the actions) aren't subject to the translation.
  • The amount of Internet traffic transmitted at a time is 100МБ, 200МБ, or 300МБ.
  • Maximum volume of Internet traffic transfers:
  • for the receiving subscriber per day - 500 MB;
  • for the sender subscriber per day - 500 MB.
  • The amount of Internet traffic to be translated/requested must be an integer of 100, 200, or 300.
  • To make a transfer, the subscriber must have a sufficient amount of money in his personal account.
  • Translation is possible provided that the sender does not have the Internet Traffic Transfer Ban service installed.
  • If there are several Internet packages purchased, the traffic is transferred from the Internet package, which expires earlier (but not less than 24 hours before the end).
  • The received Internet traffic is summarized and displayed in the billing system as the total amount of Internet traffic received by the Internet Traffic Translation service.
  • Internet traffic consumption priority:
  • Daily, daily and daily Internet packages;
  • Received according to the "Internet Traffic Translation" service;
  • Within the framework of the tariff plan;
  • Internet packages for TAS-IX;
  • Internet package as part of the Internet non-stop service;
  • Other Internet packages - in order of their activation.
  • To limit the transfer of Internet traffic, subscribers can establish the service "Ban the transfer of Internet traffic" through *111*1*26*1# (Uzbek), 111*2*26*1# (Russian), 111*3*26*1# (English). After the service is installed, the service can be disconnected only at the sales and maintenance offices of UZTELECOM.
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