Calls within the network (GSM / CDMA), as well as outgoing calls to fixed numbers of the Uzbektelecom line and its branches are not charged (during the service period)

42 sum

Daily subscription fee

420 sum

Cost of service activation

  • Activate service
  • Deactivate_service
  • Check status
  • Service period: from 22:00 to 07:00 daily.
  • The service is valid for all subscribers, individuals and legal entities (with the exception of subscribers of the M2M Basic TP). The territory of the Service is the Republic of Uzbekistan, the GSM UZTELECOM network.
  • If the subscriber disables the Service, the deducted payments are not returned to the subscriber's account.
  • If you change the number or tariff plan, the Terms of service do not change.
  • Individuals can activate / deactivate packages by USSD request, SMS, in the company's offices, Call center, and through the "Personal account".
  • Information about the launch of the Service and its terms is provided by the Branch by posting relevant information on the Internet on the official website and by other means of communication.
  • UZTELECOM has the right to change the terms of the Service by posting relevant information on the official website or notifying by other means of communication, for example: SMS mailing lists, etc. Participants are required to independently check the relevant changes on the above site.
  • The terms of Service are valid on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in the coverage area of the GSM UZTELECOM network.
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