The Voice unlimited service allows subscribers to make free calls within the GSM and CDMA networks

0 sum

Cost of service activation

210 sum

Daily subscription fee

  • Activate service

    SMS with number 1 to 999012

  • Deactivate_service

    SMS with number 0 to 999012

  • Check status

    Empty SMS to 999012

  • Calls within the network include numbers of the UZTELECOM mobile communication network of the GSM, CDMA-450 standard, as well as fixed telephone numbers of Uzbektelecom JSC.
  • The service is available for GSM subscribers and individuals.
  • When using the unlimited option, no packet traffic is consumed.
  • The cost of activating / deactivating services is free of charge. Upon activation of the services, a daily subscription fee is charged. If the subscriber's account balance is insufficient to charge the subscription fee for the service, the service is suspended.
  • The service is valid when subscribers are located in the UZTELECOM coverage area.
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