Voice interconnect for local and international partners

"Uzbektelecom" JSC provides services for connection to network and access pass of the voice traffic to network operators of local zonal, intercity and international communication. 

Network connection services consist of:
  • cooperation procedures between "Uzbektelecom" JSC network and the communication networks of operators for the traffic transmission between them;
  • connection of operators' hardware to the resources of "Uzbektelecom" JSC both through the allocated channels and directly to the switch ports of switch hardware;
  • the possibility to place the operator's equipment on technological sites of "Uzbektelecom" JSC;
  • the possibility to organize the connection to the network of UZTELECOM through technical hardware of other operators, connected to the network of "Uzbektelecom" JSC. 

Moreover, "Uzbektelecom" JSC is ready to organize dial-up transit of voice traffic through its own network between the network of uzbek and foreign operators. 

For conclusion of a contract for servicing the corporate bodies and entities it is necessary address to "Uzbektelecom" JSC.