One-time registration fee for connecting to broadband access services

ADSL – 0
FTTB – 30 000
GPON - 60 000

Connection cost may change or be canceled during the period of special temporary and seasonal marketing promotions, excluding the cost of consumables

Service reserve and Voluntary blocking (1 calendar month)

7 000

The minimum reservation period is 1 calendar month. Maximum reservation period - 2 months within a calendar year

Change of tariff plan



Static IP address

Service not available


Connection to IPTV service excluding the cost of subscriber equipment (STB set-top box, etc.)
- PC connection
- Connect to TV

Free (for existing subscribers)


Connection to IPTV service (excluding the cost of subscriber equipment) without providing Internet access

ADSL - 0
FTTB - 0
GPON - 20 000


Payment for each 1 meter of cable, provided when connecting to Internet services using FTTB / GPON technologies

FTTB - 3 900
GPON - 1 500