The National Network is a free additional service for accessing useful content for mass use in the TAS-IX zone.

"National Network"

The free service "National Network" for individuals provides for limiting access to the external Internet. For this, the user activates and / or activates the "personal account"./

To disable access to external Internet resources in the "Additional services" section of your personal account, enter a phone number in the "confirmation code" service and send a confirmation code to this number. This code is valid for activating and deactivating the service. The confirmation code is changed once a day.

In order for the changes to take effect after confirming the disconnection of the service, you will need to reconnect (disconnect the Internet).

What is TAS-IX?

TAS-IX is a traffic exchange point, which arose as a result of an agreement of five large providers on traffic exchange within Uznet, that is, without using international data transmission channels. This has led to the fact that today providers belonging to the TAS-IX zone offer connection to Internet resources at a lower price compared to connecting to other resources. Subscribers can independently check whether their chosen site is included in the TAS-IX zone. To do this, there are a huge number of sites with the service "site check in TAS-IX".