59 000 sum

Monthly fee

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  • Unlimited

    Enabled traffic limit

  • 6 Mbps

    Access speed in Uz-IX and TAS-IX (ADSL)

  • 20 Mbps

    Access speed in Uz-IX and TAS-IX (FTTx)

  • 20 Mbps

    Access speed in Uz-IX and TAS-IX (VDSL)

  • 128 Kbps

    Internet access speed, from 20:00 to 08:00

  • 6 Mbps

    Internet access speed, from 08:00 to 20:00

  • The TALABA tariff plan is intended exclusively for students of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions (institutes, universities, lyceums, colleges); when connecting, you must provide a student ID or a document confirming education in an educational institution. The services are connected at the place of registration (registration) of the student during the academic year.
  • The transition from other tariff plans to this tariff is possible only in the sales and service office of UZTELECOM, subject to the presentation of the relevant documents provided for in paragraph No. 1
  • At the end of the next academic year, the Company reserves the right to block subscribers connected to this tariff plan to confirm the documents specified in clause 1. In this case, subscribers can switch to any other tariff plan available for connection or contact the UZTELECOM sales and service office to confirm the documents.
  • Subscribers are connected if technically possible.
  • The tariffs for Internet access services indicate the incoming speed, the outgoing speed may differ depending on the connection technology.
  • The company reserves the right to amend the terms of tariff plans by posting the relevant information on its official website.
  • The access speed in the Uz-IX and Tas-IX networks at night (from 20:00 to 8:00), the connection speed will be 128 Kbps.
  • An additional service is available on this tariff plan:

    Name of service



    Internet access speed, "TAS-IX" and "Uz-IX", Mbps


    External traffic limit included



    Service cost, sum


    from 20:00 to 08:00 (1 night)
    from 20:00 to 08:00 (3 nights)
    from 20:00 to 08:00 (7 nights)





    1 500
    4 000
    9 000

    * In case of activation of the service by subscribers connected by ASDL technology, the actual speed may differ from the declared one, depending on the parameters of the line and equipment of the last mile.
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