A service that allows you to reduce the financial costs of maintaining the staff, as well as save on the cost of renting premises for staff, purchasing office equipment and furniture.

The peculiarity of the service is that when a call is received to the virtual number of Your organization, the client can receive information of interest, leave a voice message, or send a Fax without a direct connection with the Secretary or Manager. You get a unique assistant who thoroughly knows the nuances of Your business and is able to properly perform work duties at any time of the day, even when You are out of the office or on vacation.

In addition, a call from a virtual number can be forwarded to any other phone number, according to the scenario that is most optimal for Your business conditions. This allows to shift some of  staff to online and provides customers with access to the staff regardless of their location.

You can access the virtual office from anywhere in the world by simply connecting to the Internet. In Your Personal account, you will receive detailed information about any received numbers, view all received faxes electronically, and listen to voice messages left to You.

Wherever You are, you can always be sure that Your office is working perfectly, every client or partner always calls the first time and communicates with a professional Secretary.

Contact number: (+998 71) 200-80-80




Granting the right to use one smart number (one-time payment)

20 700 sum 

Recording a single voice file (one-time payment)

60 000 sum

Cost of developing or changing 1 item in the voice menu

16 800 sum

Subscription fee for the use of one smart number, per month

50 000 sum

Allocation of a smart number from a paid category

Fees are charged at separately approved tariffs