Provision of access to the international internet-channels

"Uzbektelecom" JSC provides access to the global internet network for local operators and providers through the International Center of packet switching (ICPS).

One of the priority tasks of UZTELECOM - is the development of the internet throughout the territory of RUz with the expansion of telecommunication network, improving the of quality of provided services, increasing the number of internet users, both on home network and the networks of operators and providers.  

ДDirect international destinations for such countries as: Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, UAE, China, Korea, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, Japan are open for provision for use of international channels.

Company regularly conducts works on expansion of bandwidth of international Internet channels and decrease of the cost of tariffs for local operators and providers. For the development of telecommunication service market throughout the territory UZTELECOM regularly reduces costs of the tariffs: 

For conclusion of a contract for services the corporate bodies and legal entities need to address "Uzbektelecom" JSC.