17 November 2020

Dear students!

UZTELECOM congratulates you on International Students Day.

Studentship — is truly the best period of life. We wish you to feel all its charms on yourself. 

Let the study be easy, the exams pass quickly, and there will be more free time.

We wish these years to be memorable, and faithful knowledge, and tireless enthusiasm to lead you to your favorite and prestigious profession!

The tariff plan "Ta'lim" from UZTELECOM for GSM mobile subscribers will help you achieve your goals.

After all, by connecting to it, students and teachers of educational institutions in just 34 900 sum per month can get:

  • 8 000 MB of internet traffic;
  • 1 000 minutes limit for calls within the tariff plan "TA'LIM" + 300 minutes for calls within Uzbekistan;
  • 500 SMS, up to 20% discount on special internet packages of 5 000, 8 000 and 12 000 MB; 
  • ZiyoNet service with a 50% reduced subscription fee;
  • free access to over 100 educational information platforms and websites.

Connect! Learn!

Once again, happy holidays to you, students!

More information about the tariff plan "Ta'lim" here


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