20 August 2020

Mobile sales of telecommunications services continue to be held for residents of Samarkand

On August 19 of this year, a new modern Multi-Service Access Node (MSAN) equipment for 222 PBX was put into operation in Samarkand on A. Temur street near 95, which will serve residents of 95,133,111,125,127,129 houses. From "Uzbektelecom" JSC for the residents organized a special field of sales of telecommunications services. In this field the sale was attended by senior officials of the Samarkand branch of "Uzbektelecom"JSC.

During the field sales, citizens were informed about the more modern MSAN equipment manufactured by Huawei installed in the area and the difference between ADSL and VDSL technologies. Modernization of equipment allows to improve the quality and increase the speed of Internet access. The residents of the houses were offered a VDSL relay during the outbound sales, as well as the new faster and more profitable current tariff plans.

In addition, during the field sales, residents were given a unique opportunity to connect to telecommunications services from UZTELECOM directly where they live, and applications from existing subscribers were accepted for troubleshooting during the use of the company's telecommunications services.

During the field sales period, meetings were held with the chairmen of meetings of citizens of two mahallas of the district, applications and proposals for telecommunications services were studied, and information about the Company's future plans was provided.

During the meetings, the citizens living in the area were also informed about the latest news in the field of telecommunications.

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