Call centers currently play a significant role in the infrastructure of cities in all over the world, which have a great potential for providing any services over the phone. Call-centers become a key link in the business process of enterprises and a tool for improving the productivity of personnel working with clients. In April 2009, we have launched a call center project on the basis of the city call center service 1009 in Tashkent together with " Proteus "(Russia, Saint Petersburg).  The result was immediately visible, as it became possible to keep a better and more detailed record of statistical data and conduct various analytical studies. All segments of the population are consumers of call center services. Because the Call center provides a 24-hour reference and information service.

The service is paid. The cost for connecting to the service is 500 sum, a call from a mobile number is charged in accordance with the mobile operator's tariff





Fee for connecting to the operator

600 sum

600 sum

600 sum

Two inquiries per call 





The Call center database will answer any question about:


  • phone numbers and locations of organizations
  • private sector phone numbers (at the exact address and last name of the subscriber)
  • initial acceptance of applications for non-working lines
  • 1086- theater, cinema, concerts exhibition programs
  • exchange rates for the current or past period
  • international and intercity phone codes
  • utility rates -postal indexes for Uzbekistan and Russian cities
  • distance between cities in Uzbekistan-lexical meaning of words and much more…