9 650 sum

Monthly fee

All incoming free

  • 180 minutes

    Minutes limit enabled

  • 12 sum

    Outgoing calls over the limit in Uzbekistan, per minute

  • Monthly subscription fee:
  • Telephony - for the use of the main telephone set for individual use, connected via a wired subscriber line to the phone network
  • IP-telephony
  • Video telephony
  • Timed fee for each complete or incomplete minute of conversation, carried out by the subscriber on the phone personal use (enabled via the wired subscriber line in a telephone network) in excess of the limit conversations at 180 minutes per month and fixed monthly fees for all categories of users, 12 sum
  • The included minutes limit is provided for a month for calls in Uzbekistan
  • The tariff plan is available for telephony, IP telephony, and video telephony services

Tariff notes:

  • Tariffs do not include the cost of subscriber equipment (modem and video phone).
  • For IP-telephony and video telephony services, an advance payment system is used (100% prepayment). the provision of services is terminated when a negative balance of the subscriber is formed. For telephony services, the payment system established in accordance with the "Rules for the provision of telephone services on the public telecommunications network"is used.
  • The subscription fee and unused minutes limit do not pass to the next month.
  • Payment for additional types of services, information and reference services, allocation of "Golden" numbers, re-registration, replacement of phone numbers and other services is charged according to the price list No. 125-1 / 7.
  • These services are provided if technically possible in the area of operation of the subscriber's PBX.

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