• When this service is activated, the subscriber receives a notification about a new incoming call during the current call. The user can answer the call, reject it, or talk to both callers in turn.
  • If your phone is busy, this service will notify you of a new incoming call and, accordingly, you can decide whether to answer it or reject it. If you answer a new incoming call, then you can switch between these two calls and talk to both callers in turn.
  • Activate service
  • Deactivate_service

via USSD request

  • The service is enabled (disabled) in the company's subscriber departments.
  • Connection sequence with two subscribers:
  • the Subscriber will receive an audio notification about the second call during the current conversation;
  • Connecting to the second subscriber and holding the first one is performed by pressing the key;
  • Switching to a conversation with the first subscriber and holding the second one is performed by pressing the key.
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