After activating the service, subscribers can receive notifications on their phone about missed calls when the phone was turned off or was out of network coverage. The caller is also sent an SMS notification that the called subscriber is online.

40 sum

Daily subscription fee

  • Activate service

    Through USSD portal *111#

  • Deactivate_service

    Through USSD portal *111#

via USSD request

  • If the phone was turned off or was out of the network coverage area, when returning to the network, the subscriber receives an SMS message from the number 0771: Qabul qilinmagan Qo'ng'iroqlar/Propushennie zvonki: [number of calls] [subscriber Number] [last call time]
    For example: Qabul qilinmagan qo‘ng‘iroqlar/Propushennie zvonki: (1)+998991234567 12.12.2015 15:00
  • The "online" additional service is automatically activated by default when the "Missed call" service is enabled. The "online" service allows the caller to receive an SMS notification that the called subscriber is already online and available for calls.
    When the service status is active, an SMS notification will be delivered to the calling subscribers that the called subscriber is available: [called subscriber number] abonent snova dostupen/abonent tarmoqda[date/month/year]
    For example: +998991234567 abonent snova dostupen 12.12.2015 15: 00/ +998991234567 abonent tarmoqda 12.12.2015 15: 00
  • Notifications of the "online" service are delivered only to UZTELECOM GSM numbers.
  • The service is valid for all subscribers of individuals and legal entities, with the exception of subscribers of the M2M Basic TP)
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