In which cases does the subscriber have a reservation in the balance?

The reservation of the subscriber's funds is made if and only if there are no or insufficient corresponding discounts for the subscriber.

Internet traffic at the subscriber is reserved based on:

  • 1. TAS-IX - 5Mb according to the overlimit tariff, but not more than 900 sum
  • 2. Internet - 50Mb according to the overtime tariff, but not more than 2800 sum
  • 3. By voice, reservation takes place at the rate of 180 seconds
  • 4. If the subscriber's balance is not sufficient for this reserve, no more than 1/3 of the balance will be spent on the reservation
  • 5. When expended, this reserve is marked as Spent and a new one is reserved
  • 6. The wasted body is synchronized with the balance in the database when 50 MB or 10 minutes are exceeded.

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