The purpose of the "ZiyoNET" service is to organize access to educational and cognitive resources that increase the intellectual level of young people and the younger generation.

210 sum

Daily subscription fee

420 sum

Cost of service activation

8 sum

Cost of 1 MB traffic to ZiyoNet resources

  • Activate service
  • Deactivate_service
  • Check status
  • The service is valid on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the coverage area of the UZTELECOM GSM (2G/3G/4G) network for individuals (except for subscribers of the M2M Basic TP) and with the "active" status.
  • The service operates under a separate APN ( and requires switching the access point on the mobile device before using it.
  • When you connect to the ZiyoNET service, you can access sites that are included only in the unified register of information resources of the ZiyoNET network ( Access to other external Internet sites and in the TAS-IX zone will be restricted.
  • When activating the service, the subscriber receives an SMS notification: Uvajaemiy abonent. You have activated the service ZiyoNET. In the APN settings, specify, proxy server, port 1536 and activate. Internet traffic is limited.
  • If you change the number or tariff plan, the terms of service do not change.
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